The Owner of the Most Expensive Car in America is…

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Well check this out everyone: Mr. “Money” Mayweather is making extravagant acquisitions again. Ahh, to be the champ has its perks.

The Owner of One of the Most Expensive Car in America is...

Despite generating some $300 million this year, making him far and away the world’s highest-paid professional athlete, Mayweather went the “cars for sale” path a little while ago, when he parted means with his ultra-rare Ferrari for a pinch under $4 mil to lead the way for an classy upgrade. While he meant on transforming his revenues into a number of pups, he instead went for a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, which seems like an nifty latte device but is actually one of– if not the– rarest auto in the world.

The Owner of one of the most Expensive Car in America is...The Koenigsegg…Awesome!

In a short summary, it’s the ultimate acquisition for a guy who’s frequently on the prowl for a great old-school testosterone, macho pissing contest.


Unlike his previous Ferrari Enzo, which was recently owned by the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, Mayweather is among 2 individuals on the entire planet (and only one in America) to possess a CCXR Trevita. You could review all the ridiculous particulars right here– like just how “Trevita” is Swedish for “three whites” or that the auto comes created in a customized carbon fiber “that beams like millions of star like diamonds” when the sun hits it– but all you really have to understand is it tops out at 250 miles per hour as well as clocks out at 0 to 60 in an astonishing 2.9 secs. It’s almost a bullet, and also one you will not see on U.S. dirt unless you occur to cross courses with Floyd Mayweather.


The catch, as well as the reason you should not get too attached to its sleek look: At $4.8 million, it’s the most pricey vehicle worldwide. That hugging contest with Manny Pacquiao certain repaid.

Floyd Mayweather’s Fleet of Cars

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