Best Deals: Buying Online vs. In-Store Shopping

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Money Expert Matt Granite Weighs In!

These Items Should Be Purchased in Stores Only!

Purchasing on the internet definitely has its benefits. You can quite easily compare prices without having to leave your home, as well as you could quickly look on the Internet for discount coupon codes to score bigger price cuts. Another wonderful benefit is that of convenience, naturally, your acquisitions can be supplied to you at your house. Nothing can be easier than door to door delivery.

While the great benefits are a substantial plus, occasionally it is a more intelligent move to make purchases in person as opposed to online. For beginners, you could judge the top quality of an item a lot better. The visual inspection cannot be beat. You additionally don’t have to worry about paying those bothersome shipping fees (Ouch). And for certain products, it could be much more effective to bargain shop over that price up close and personal with the salesman or owner.

Top 3 Things You Should Never Buy Online:

Best Deals: Buying Online vs. In-Store Shopping


If you’re in the market for a new bike, the Internet is a great place to do research. But when it comes time to buy, most cyclists will want to visit a bike store in person to test-ride a few models. In particular pay attention to size. To get the most out of a new bike that might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it should be tailored to your measurements.

Keep in mind too that it can be an inconvenience to get warranty repairs done on a bike ordered online. You’ll need to pack it up and ship it to the seller or manufacturer. With a locally purchased bike, you can simply take it over to the shop to get the work done.

Best Deals: Buying Online vs. In-Store Shopping


Ordering groceries online can save you the hassle of a trip to the supermarket. But if you are picky about your purchases and want to ensure that you’re getting the choicest meats, fruits and vegetables, you should go to your local grocer and select everything yourself.

Also, buying groceries online can be more expensive. For example, Peapod can charge $10 or more to delivery groceries from your local supermarket. And don’t count on Amazon to undercut the competition. Our research found that warehouse clubs and grocery chains beat Amazon’s prices on most food items.

Best Deals: Buying Online vs. In-Store Shopping


There are several reasons to think twice about ordering furniture online. Start with shipping. Many Web retailers levy a delivery surcharge on top of the standard shipping fee. Typically, the larger the item, the higher the surcharge. Brick-and-mortar stores usually just charge a single fee for delivery. And you’ll have a better shot at getting the delivery fee reduced or waived, not to mention getting a lower purchase price, by negotiating in-person with a furniture salesman.

In closing, the purchasing professionals we talked with stated it’s tough to evaluate furnishings online. You need to see the shades in-person, touch the materials as well as sit on that love seat and chairs to identify high quality as well as comfort…Happy Shopping!

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