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Bizzee About UsBizzee is committed to being the leading NJ local business directory… Guide & review site…while providing consumers with opportunities to find the best local deals and cost savings advice.Focusing on one specific market area we truly understand the needs of our consumers. We will help consumers be informed when making a buying decision by providing content on tips, tricks and secrets to get the most value for your dollar. This systematic local approach results in our promotions and information being streamlined and effective for our consumers and provides fantastic exposure for the latest deals and savings.

The Bizzee writers and editorial team will gather data on the best that businesses have to offer in your area and serves them up to you in a fun and usable way so you can enjoy the best your local area has to offer. ‘We create, aggregate and compile the best content that [Bizzee customers] can’t get any where else,’” (Ryan Rucker, Bizzee Co-Founder).

Bizzee.( http://bizzee.net/) operates an online consumer business guide, deal and review website. Our company’s website allows people in their area to seek out local business deals. We provide these consumers with information, recommendations, professional and user reviews regarding businesses in their backyard that are providing the services and goods they are searching for now.

Bizzee will also provide the consumer with tips and intel on how to not only survive in this economy but to thrive by leading them to discounts on dining, shopping, travel and more,making it possible to experience new things by exploring your community while still saving money. We will work to improve local communities as the leading consumer discount, promotion and freebie provider in your local area. We also support local merchants while helping consumers save money on dining, groceries, shopping, services, movie tickets, travel, car care and professional services. With our large merchant network and numerous web properties we make it possible for consumers to save anytime, anywhere and any way they want with tips, help and direction.

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