The Bizzee Road to Healthier, Tastier Salad Dressings

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Zing Anything – Salad Zinger

This salad dressing infusing mixer, lets you make your own delicious dressing in your house by simply adding your choice of natural herbs, fruits and also vegetables.

Love the taste of restaurant salad dressing, however you just automatically assume it’s way to hard and time consuming to be making at home? Reconsider your thought process my friends.

The Salad Zinger makes developing scrumptious, self-made dressings simple as well as allows you to enjoy them with a fraction of the calories as well as preservatives located in store-bought versions.

Much to my surprise you can do what the experts in restaurants do (their big secret) and incorporate fruit into your dressings with the Salad Zinger. An orange vinaigrette will have your Christmas holiday guests asking for your secret to your tasty feast. A peach balsamic salad dressing will knock your dinner guest socks off every single time.

In the video up top, you can see some of the special things you can do to make you the star of your kitchen and the chef of the year…Use a few simple actions to a remarkable dressing makeover by merely including fresh active ingredients, twist and shake!

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