Big Supermarket Retailer Accused of Overcharging Consumers

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Was Whole Foods Caught with Their Hands in the Cookie Jar?

After paying a settlement in California, the chain is now under fire in NYC

Turns out there might be a reason Whole Foods is not America’s favorite grocery store.

New York City investigators have launched a probe of the chain after finding that local stores have regularly overcharged shoppers over the last five years, according to a report by the Daily News.

The investigation comes just a year after Whole Foods had to pay an $800,000 settlement in California because inspectors found the chain caused customers to overpay for food that was priced by weight.

In New York, consumer protection agents say they found violations that included inaccurate weight labels on pre-packaged food and adding tax to non-taxable items.

“Our inspectors told me it was the worst case of overcharges that they’ve ever seen,” New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin told the News.

A spokesman told the News the chain never intentionally mispriced items, and other industry representatives have pointed out that mislabeling is often the fault of manufacturers packaging foods—not grocers. And the News also found that mislabeling sometimes actually works in a customer’s favor.

One takeaway?

It’s a good idea to check food weights using grocery store scales, even on pre-packaged items.streaming Underworld: Blood Wars 2016 film

Big Supermarket Retailer Accused of Overcharging Consumers

It is a good idea to contrast prices for your preferred foods at the various chains: MarketWatch has noticed in their research that things like hummus can be less expensive at Whole Foods, while lots of others like fruit and vegetables and also cheese are most cost effective at rival supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, Target, and Safeway.

Bizzee tip, if you’re a Whole Foods shopping fan or fanatic (depending on your view) and you want to be wise about your shopping dollar than take note that the best day for you to secure fantastic deals is to shop there on Wednesdays. This is when the most effective sales are found for sure.


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